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Facade elevators / monorail installations


Facade elevators for cleaning and maintaining facades can be moved vertically with continuous cable winches. The travelling and safety cables are automatically wound. The cables are fastened to special traverses mounted on monorail systems (facade rails) or on rail systems (on the roof). The vehicles can be driven electrically or manually. Depending on the static and structural requirements, the rail systems shall be made of either aluminium or steel.

Structure: WGZ-Bank Düsseldorf type KB-FA1-DFW Working platform as one-man cage

for cleaning the glass facade, cable suspension on the roof traverse



Electrically-driven roof traverse

for supporting the working platform. The extension boom has been made collapsible to enable the fixing and release of the cables. The rail system is fixed on the concrete ceiling with dowelled brackets.

Structure: WGZ-Bank Düsseldorf Type DFW-DS
Facade elevator

consisting of a working platform and electrically driven monorail system (steel rail) traverse, power supply over collector wire fastened to the rail

  Facade elevator

consisting of a working platform and monorail system made of aluminium. Electrically driven traverse for circular motion with a close radius

Structure: Airport Düsseldorf Type KB-FA-MR   Structure: Quadra office building Frankfurt / Main, Type KB-FA2-MR