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Glass roof access equipments


Mobile maintenance and cleaning platforms for glass roofs and glass cupolas

We supply custom-made maintenance platforms and mobile aluminium ladders along with the required rail systems, for the repair of glass roofs and glass facades. The cleaning installations can be supplied with an electrical or mechanical drive, or without drive, as required. Our services include the planning, construction, manufacture, delivery and installation of the entire access equipments.

Mobile cleaning platform for glass roof, type KB-DW-WB, span width 20 m
Office building, Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railway), Duisburg        Structure: Office building, Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railway), Duisburg
Light aluminium structures of this type greatly enhance the reach of cleaning platforms while simultaneously adapting to the contour of the glass roof structures. The mechanical drive is provided over a manual lever in the centre of the platform over a special cardan shaft universal joint system that engages with the traverses of both the access equipments. The traverses are equipped with self-acting spring pressure brake operated by a foot pedal. A cleaning platform, based on the same design principle as the access equipment for the outside surface, has also been provided for cleaning the glass roof from the inside.

Mobile cleaning platform for glass roof pyramid, type KB-DB-WB
Shopping Centre Cologne-Hürth Structure: Shopping Centre Cologne-Hürth
Mobile maintenance platform with length compensation

The pyramid access equipment is anchored in the centre of the roof structure with a king journal, so that only one circumferential rail is required. The required length compensation for going around the corners shall be ensured with a sliding arrangement installed above the central rotary structure. Easy operation is ensured with a mechanical manual operating system on the rail carriage. An internal cleaning installation was also installed on the glass roof pyramid, and further, another four access equipments were installed inside and outside on ridge roofs on the "Hürth Shopping Centre".

Mobile cleaning platforms for arched roof, type KB-DB-WB
MB building, University of Bochum Structure: MB building, University of Bochum
The polygonal, around 20 m long platform structure made of corrosion-resistant aluminium, was designed according to the geometry of the glass roof. As per the wishes of the customer, the rail consisted of an aluminium tube system. The access equipment was driven by a manually-operated mechanical drive. The traversing equipment were equipped with claw brakes to prevent drifting due to wind forces. In the parking position, the cleaning platform is firmly anchored to the rail system. Four structurally identical access equipment were mounted on the building.

Electrically operated mobile maintenance and cleaning platforms
S- and long-distance train platform of Berlin Friedrichstraße

Structure: S- and Long-distance train platform Berlin Friedrichstraße

The reconstructed glass roof of the Friedrichstraße – Berlin – station is cleaned with the help of a total of 6 maintenance platforms. Each of the 150-metre sections is traversed using electrical drives over a busbar with current collector. Due to the geometry of the station hall and the differing distances between the rails, we developed a curved structure to enable transport over the entire section under differing conditions, using a sliding arrangement in the supporting structure. For reaching the glass surfaces in the roof ridge area, mobile ladder towers telescoped with hand winches were used. Additional access equipments were also supplied at the S-station Friedrichstraße for the maintenance and cleaning of the longitudinal facades and the glass-paned gables.

Maintenance and cleaning platform with electrical drive, type KB-DB-WB

Structure: Galeria Kaufhof Leipzig internal glass traversing installation

The electrical supply is provided over a busbar, traversing speed: 5m / min. The operation of the traversing installation can be controlled over a central or radio control system

Curved maintenance and cleaning platform made of aluminium, type KB-DB-WB
Structure: City Arkaden Wuppertal external glass roof traversing installation The inclination of the maintenance platform can be adjusted using an electro-hydraulic cylinder with a traction rope, so that an optimum matching to the elliptical geometry can be achieved. Contact strips with rubber buffers limit the inclination in order to prevent the touchdown of the installation. The horizontal movement is provided via an electrical drive, the power for which is provided over a busbar.
Image being loaded Three-part maintenance and cleaning platform, type KB-DB-WB

For accessing the entire ellipse, the three-part maintenance and cleaning platform has been made with double telescoping, for a span width of 5 m to 11 m. The electrical supply to the electrical drives is provided over batteries and ensure absolute synchronism in the movement of the working platform. A mobile, telescopic ladder tower was used to access the glass roof surfaces in the roof ridge area.

Structure: City Arcades Wuppertal telescopic maintenance platform for ellipse