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Facade access equipments


Mobile maintenance and cleaning platforms for facades and glass facades

We supply custom-made maintenance platforms and mobile aluminium ladders along with the required rail systems, for the corrective maintenance of glass roofs and glass facades. The cleaning installations can be supplied with an electrical or mechanical drive, or without drive, as required. Our services include the planning, construction, manufacture, delivery and installation of the entire access equipments.

Mobile ladders with sliding platform, type KB-L-SP
DEBIS, Berlin, Potsdamer Platz

Structure: DEBIS, Berlin, Potsdamer Platz

The aluminium suspension ladder consists of the supporting guide profiles for the mobile platform, the riffled ladder pegs and the required climbing protection rail. The height of the 700 x 600 mm platform with a climb-through opening in the floor can be vertically adjusted by hand. A special safety system ensures that in "emergencies", the platform shall latch-in at every ladder rung when pulled-up or released. The smoothly moving traversing equipment can be easily set in motion by pushing off from the facade wall by hand. A mechanical chain wheel drive can also be provided. The suspension ladder is kept stable on its guide rail with the lower support traverse. The maximum ladder length is 25 m, the useful load is Í20 kg. A climb-on structure can also be provided (see photo).

Structure: Ernestings Family Coesfeld

Mobile ladder towers, Type KB-LT
Structure: Exhibition platform Hannover Laatzen
Structure: Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Stuttgart
Structure: Exhibition platform Hannover Laatzen
The mobile ladder tower is especially suited for high facades with large surface areas. The collapsible working platforms have been arranged with a spacing of 2 m, in accordance with the design of the facade. The traversing equipment have been so designed that going round corners is also possible. The ladder tower can be set in motion by manually pushing against the facade, and if so desired, this can also be done by mechanical means. The spring pressure brake can be operated from any of the platforms. It is possible to board the ladder tower from the roof as well as from the floor level.