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Motor suspension frames


Electrically operated motor suspension frames and mobile working platforms

These motor suspension frames are suitable for carrying out assembly work, reconstruction work, painting, etc. at great heights such as on inaccessible buildings such as high-rise buildings, telecommunications towers, chimneys, cooling towers, boiler rooms, bridges, sports stadia, high rack storage systems, etc.

Thanks to their modular construction, the motor suspension frames, type EUROPA 2000, can be individually assembled to suit the requirements of the application. We not only offer the suspension frame systems for sale, but we would also be happy to make you an offer for a lease arrangement. Our trained technical personnel are available for the installation of the motor suspension frames.

Motor suspension frame type Europa 2000
Designed and calculated as per the new EUROPEAN STANDARD "EN 1808" of the CEN - EUROPEAN Committee for Standardisation - Suspension of Persons - support arrangements.

Design tested and certified by the Technical Committee - Construction, of the Trade Association for Construction.

Working platform length of upto 20 m span width, can be installed quickly and easily, suitable for all working heights.

Standard aluminium components, of 2 and 3-metre sections.


With few serial products, can be universally used in:
  • Facades - high-rise buildings - High rack storage systems
  • Industrial installations
  • Chimneys - Towers - Silos
  • Boiler rooms
  • Tanks - masonry dams - bridges
  • Bridge piers


For every installation operation:
  • Facade construction - Facade cleaning
  • Painting - Insulating - Reconstruction
  • Concrete reconstruction - Sand blasting
  • Steel structures
  • Coating - Maintenance - Inspection


Standard - Roof cantilever system
  • For railing heights of 0 - 2.5 m
  • At 800 kg suspension load, 1.6 m extension
  • Dismountable individual components with the maximum weight of 30 kg
  • Capable of telescoping for every roof situation
  • Can be moved on castors in any direction


Double-storey platform

Structure: Thyssen Krupp Duisburg

Railing tongs
  • Can be installed quickly and easily
  • For railing work of upto 450 mm
  • Robust steel construction (hot dip galvanised)
  • Can be dismantled into three components
  • If so desired, can also be made mobile on rollers


Cooling tower access equipment for natural draught cooling towers

GEBR. KÄUFER GMBH offer the widest variety of cooling tower access equipments for natural draught cooling towers. The access equipments are used for inspection, repair and maintenance operations, coating and reconstruction work. Special structures ensure that both the internal as well as external surfaces of cooling towers can be reached. Electrically-driven traverses on the top of the cooler make horizontal movement possible, while tried and tested continuous cable winches guarantee the safe upward and downward movement of the access equipment. Since before repair and coating work, preparatory work on the cooling tower surfaces is always required, Käufer also offers special remote-controlled access equipments for providing support to high-pressure water jet or sand-blasting equipment. The required contact pressure or clamping devices for the efficient processing of all surfaces are also taken into account. Even critical areas, for example the external surfaces of the throat of cooling towers - can be accessed easily.

Structure: Cooling tower, Cologne / Niehl

Structure: Cooling tower, Cologne / Niehl

Structure: Stuttgart / Mercedes - Works

   Structure:  Hong Kong ( Tsing Ma Bridge )

Structure: Berlin / Cargolifter (Dockyard hall)