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Special structures

Special mobile platform, length 25 m
The 25 m long maintenance and cleaning platform is anchored on one side on a rim bearing, which encloses the pylon, and is suspended on the other side on special traverses. The platform is equipped with a sliding platform and a vertically adjustable working cage in order to provide access to all the glass roof surfaces. All the functions are controlled by electrical drives. The rail system, consisting of steel profiles, was fixed on the wooden glued trusses. Due account was taken of the height differences and the variation in radiuses. The maintenance platform is moved up and down by special drives. In view of the aggressive chloric atmosphere in this bath resort, a special protective coating was applied to the entire structure.

Structure: Titus Thermen Frankfurt / Main


Facade elevator for special structures

The installation and maintenance platform traverse over the glazed arched trusses with the help of two continuous cable winches. The rail-guided platform is automatically adjusted to the changing inclination with the help of an electro-hydraulic rotary actuator. The useful load of the 3 m x 2 m platform is 600 kg.

Structure: Cargolifter Werfthalle Brand



Wind power installations

We have developed and manufactured various mobile working platforms for maintenance and repair work on the tower shaft and the rotor blades in the field of wind power installations. We have also developed permanent facade elevators for providing access within the mast, which can be adapted to the special requirements of the structure of the mast.


Structure: Wind power installation



Structure: Stade de France - Paris

Structure: Stade de France - Paris

Structure: Italy / Brennerautobahn

Structure: Italy / Brennerautobahn


Structure: Autobahn bridge - Duisburg / Kaiserberg

Edge coping frame for traversing bridges